Comments: Bender's Chickpea and Leek Soup


I was lucky enough to get a taste of that fantastic soup, and I will say this : do not omit the crispy bacon bits, they're a wonderful addition!

Thanks, Clotilde! What a shame there wasn't a write-up for all the other great dishes on that occasion, including your masterful terrines! The bacon is actually the Critic's contribution...if there is a way to make it more delicious and less healthy he can usually find it.

Actually, I'm working on a writeup of all the recipes, and am gathering all of them, It will include a link to yours!

Great! There were quite a few I wanted but I wasn't sure who made what!

I made this tonight with fake bacon (Smart Bacon brand) and accompanied by fake b-l-t's. It was described by the peanut gallery as "orgasmic".

I thought it was pretty darn good myself. Great recipe, Meg.

Cool! That makes TWO recipes I know someone has tried...I'm well on my way to being a celebrity chef now!

Are you including the goulash? Jace at our friendly hosting company said they tried it and found it delicious.

Hello Meg,
I still remember the taste of the one you made last saturday. It was really good. Have a good week-end.

Yes, that was the goulash, Barrett!

Thanks, Pascale!

Good recipe, I made it the original way then added crab meat and prawns at the end. Totally good chowder...

Ben, sounds like a great twist - I'll have to give it a go myself one of these days. For some reason I rarely think of adding seafood to soups, but it sounds delish!

i htought this was a great recipe at first, but my relatives hated it. they sed that it was too much chik peas. i would try it without them

I substituted onions for the leeks, (couldn't find 'em at my lame Kroger) added some diced carrot to the sweat. Just for grins, I added some frozen spinach lettign it simmer for about 10 minuts. It turned out nicely

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