Comments: Is My Blog Burning? : Spanish rice


Hello Meg,
I love your post, very funny and interesting. I've discovered that you can find raw prawns in "Picard surgelés" or in Tang Freres (much less expensive).

Thanks - next time I'll try to get the fresh ones. I'm sure they have much more flavour if you can cook them in the saffron broth instead of adding them already cooked!

Your risotto looks great too - and congratulations on writing so well in English! I'm not sure I could do as well in French...

The paella looks scrumptious! And I loved the name: Chinese French Paella... eh, eh!

I like this! it looks delicious!
I've always loved paella, but never made it at home for lack of a paella pan... but now I know I can use my wok! woo-hoo... paella here I come!

Meg, this looks yummy! May I ask which specialty shop in the 17th you went to? Is it specialized in Spanish products?

Renee - I'm not sure that Spanish people would approve, but it seemed to work well to me! I think the only thing is that next time I would remove the mussels until after the rice has cooked as they got rather "stuffed" with rice when I stirred. In a more shallow pan, that probably is less of a problem!

Clotilde - I'm so lazy, should have looked up the address and included it in the original post. The store is called Cap Hispania:

Cap Hispania
01 46 22 11 60

They have a very good selection of dry and fresh Spanish products, including olives, wines, olive oil, tinned fish, sausages, cheeses, marinated peppers, etc. Oh, and rice of course!

Alberto - glad someone else shares my sense of humour!!

Just noticed Cap Hispania also has a web site:

And I forgot to say that OF COURSE they have a large selection of hams!!


This looks really great. And I just LOVE the name. Your blog is great, and always so funny. Thanks so much for participating.

(Pardon me for commenting so late, I've been having weird issues with my isp.)

Hi Meg,

This looks really great. And I just love the name! Your blog is, as always, so funny. Thanks so much for participating.

(Pardon me for commenting so late, I've been having weird issues with my isp.)

The more you add, the better the taste so try adding chicken, pork chops, sausage along with the fish...and lima beans or garbanzos are nice too!

I've been expecting something with white wine but i ain't able to do it yet.May be some other time.

That spanish rice,red fish items just made me to have water in ma mouth.I will definitely try one of them.

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