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I'm impressed. I have a really hard time cooking anything like a real dinner when the red head's not around. The closest I come is probably pasta with oil and cheese.

Sounds really good. I'm also impressed with the good looking picture.

What pesticides do you use on your strawberries?

Don't you go dragging her into this now.

Didn't need any - one of the few joys of balcony gardening is that you suffer a lot less from pesky parasites. I was worried the first time I grew strawberries that the pigeons would find them, but so far they have not spotted them. Or maybe, being citified birds, they just don't recognize that they are edible.

However, since the plants were store-bought, I did was the berries in a water/vinegar wash.

And if you really want to know about organic gardening, ask me about my wormery...

So, tell me about your wormery. Would that work on single chicks? Do I have to grow a beard and dress in burlap before it sounds natural?

I'm an organic gardener gonna-be. Did OK with it in Kentucky except for the fungi infestations from the humidity and the wet. Gonna have to see how Illinois shapes up on the pest and fungi front.

And I ain't talking about Barrett the funguy. He shapes up OK, except when he drops spores. What?!?!?

The wormery is cool. I have a tower block called the Can'O'Worms, which has three trays kind of like the sifters kids use in sandboxes only larger. You put the vegetable refuse in the top and cover it with newspapers or a woven bio-degradeable moisture mat (I buy them from a place in the UK) and let the worms do their work. When the tray is full, you remove one of the bottom ones, clean out the compost and put it on top and start over. It only takes about three months to get your first tray of compost. I wrote about the early days on my old website (, which makes it sound much more complicated than it is. Now it more or less runs itself.

Hello Meg

I have just seen the Can-o-Worms thing in a shop in Barcelona. Where can I get it here in Paris? It kills me throwing organic stuff that I could recycle.

Please help!

Best regards


Patricia, I bought mine from the UK from Wiggly Wigglers, a gardening supply store. They supplied me with the Can-O-Worms, the worms, the moisture mat and a few coir bricks for about 100 pounds sterling as I recall and they shipped to France with no problem. I still order the moisture mats from them from time to time. Here's the web site address:

It's great fun, really! Send me an email if you want any more information/tips!

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