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Thanks so much for posting this. I was watching Biography last night, which, quite predictably, was on Tony Randall. I told my husband how much I had enjoyed Tony Randall doing this poem/song, but couldn't remember where I saw it or very many of the lyrics. As I recall, he virtually made a one-act play out of this with his subtle but right-on body language and expressions. If you were a fan at all, I assume that you saw his "Dr. Lao" which is still one of my favorite movies of all time. :-)

Actually I never saw Dr. Lao. Sounds like I'll have to seek it out now.

Its actually called The Seven Faces of Dr. Lao. This is totally unlike any of his other stuff -- a fantasy which takes place in the old West. He played multiple characters.

If you are a Netflix member they have it ready to rent.


Ah... but you have to hear the original with Michael Flanders on vocals and Donald Swann on keyboards... I think it's from At the Drop of A Hat. It has the perfect lecherous lilt.

Not to mention the cover by the Limeliters, with Lou Gottleib doing the honors.

I was quite young when I heard Tony Randall do the "song" on Johnny Carson, and I loved it immediately. I could never find the words until now. A toast to Tony who so fabulously lecherously said nothing and implied everything!

I heard him do it on the Carol Burnett show as well. My parents would say the refrain from time to time as a joke based on that performance.

I saw Tony Randall at a play in Manhattan some years back (Jack Klugman was also in the play and his voice was very rough...I think it was the last play he performed before he passed away.) Anyway, I knew Randall was a big fan of old tunes so I made a cassette for him from very old rolls that my player piano played. I mailed it to the theater and to my surprise a couple of weeks later received a note from him thanking me and saying how much he enjoyed playing the tape.

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