Comments: Lentils and Spinach


I'm sure a little thickened vegetable broth or mushroom gravy would work quite nicely.

I do wish someone had introduced me to lentils when I was much younger. They're just the perfect food.

I made lentil soup about once a week in university - I don't know how you missed out!

I remember the lentil soup, but I think it scared me. As I remember it was so thick it was sliceable.

Only after leaving it in the fridge overnight, but easily remedied by adding water. That was back in the days when you didn't know how to cook pasta, though, wasn't it? Guess these complicated solutions were a bit beyond your culinary capacity at the time!

I knew how to cook pasta. You grilled it. Then you threw that mess away and went to Harold's Chicken Shack. Worked every time.

We're on a lentil kick these days, but Foodgoat always puts meat in it, usually bacon and sometimes a ham hock to boot. Lentils really are under-rated.

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