Comments: Low Carb Taste Test


I suppose my "Around the world in a bowl of rice" is ill-timed. Or is it, in fact, well-timed, to do our small parts in resisiting this Atkins madness.

ps. lovely blog, by the way.

I'd say it's VERY well timed.

We all must do what we can to end this Atkins craze. What's wrong with eating responsibly and exercising?

The Atkins diet is seriously hurting a lot of bakeries. Just when we get decent bread in the U.S., a fad kills it off.

They've done low fat, they've done low carb.

Low protein is next. That, or low water.

The horror. The horror.

Hmmm. How about the low food diet? Low water was already done, by the way. It was pretty short lived. Although, wrestlers and jockeys still use it.

Dr. Meg had to go low carb, high protein (no red meat or fatty nuts), low fat, high water, no salt in the space of 2 weeks. That's pain to a chef.

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