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I've never seen fresh garlic to my knowledge. Wow. Now I'll have to seek it out.

Whew - I was sure you were going to come back and tell me I was blind! Good luck and let me know if you locate any!

This sounds great. I am sure they have some here in Italy. I saw something like it, but smaller and called "little garlic" (aglietto or something like that), and I wasn't sure what it was. Anyway, I am currently writing this on my shopping list. Thanks!

Glad to have been of help! Actually, the first few times this was offered to me in markets in Paris, I turned it down because I couldn't understand what they were saying. A lesson in being bold and taking what you are offered!

I might have to grow my own garlic. I seem to have a window (the pigeon window in the kitchen to be exact) that the garlic seems to like a lot. Or at least it likes to sprout if I store it there.

Go for it! There is loads of advice on the site I cited, and I'll bet the cats won't find the smell appealing. I've heard that garlic is a good thing to mix with other plants because it's a natural insect repellent!

Great stuff! One of my favorite "recipes" - just half the whole head horizontally and roast it in the oven with chicken or whatever else you're cooking. Everyone is surprised that they're expected to eat a whole head of garlic and then it's always the first thing gone from every plate. Maybe I should skip the meat and just serve garlic baked in olive oil........

Dana, the first time I had roasted garlic was at a restaurant called Bistro 110 in Chicago. (Last time I checked it was still around - Barrett?) They served it as an hors d'oeuvre with butter and bread, which is ideal to me. You might want to try wrapping it in tin foil the next time and adding a few sprigs of fresh thyme or rosemary - it's amazing on fresh bread!

I've never had fresh garlic, but I have been to the garlic festival, and it's just nuts. They have garlic in everything, including ice cream.

It was a lot of a fun!

I've heard the festival was fun - guess you must have been able to smell it miles away! In Paris, the best month to find fresh garlic is May, so maybe it was just out of season? Or maybe North America just doesn't "do" fresh garlic?! Anyway, I'm jealous you made it to the Mecca of garlic lovers!

There was a place in London (near Carnaby Street?) I couldn't drag my dining companions to called somethign like "The Stinking Rose". It was all garlic, all the time. You could smell the place from a block away.

Must. Get. To London.

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