Comments: Ode to an Eggplant


Eggplant triggers that innate "ick" factor because it really can get slimy when cooked incorrectly, and we associate slime with rot which is just not pleasant.

I used to only have eggplant breaded and parmagiana'd but nowadays, I like it Asian foods, sliced in packets of phyllo and even in a vegetarian version of moussaka.

Or just brushed with olive oil and grilled on your grill pan...!

I really thought about adding that to the sandwich above, along with some hard boiled eggs but backed off at the last minute.

I'm not sure whether they wouldn't be too chewy for a sandwich (or over cooked if they are not). I like grilled aubergine best in a salad with other grilled vegetables. If you wanted to add them to a sandwich you could do as I did on the tartine and use eggplant caviar as a condiment!

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