Comments: Scallops and Brussels sprouts


I'm surprised that the sprouts went well with the coconut - obviously some experimentation is called for here! I too like sprouts although the only time of the year I am usually allowed to cook them is Christmas. (Even though the Critic doesn't like them, they are obligatory because they are "traditional"!) Maybe I can try some new things with the leftovers...

Yes, mid-way through cooking we thought a disaster was in the making. Myabe the more pungent mustard taste in sprouts cut through the coconut a little.

So you put the lime in the coconut and shake it all up? (Sorry. Long-standing joke with my friends.)

Looks like a nice simple way to prepare scallops. I have trouble getting away from the basic butter, lemon, salt, pepper recipe since it's so tasty but I'll make a point of trying this.

Barrett, I have the same problem with artichokes (and the same sauce). If it's not broke, it's so hard to see why you might want to fix it!

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