Comments: Exotic Dining in Paris


I've heard inside every Chinese restaurant is a Tibetan one trying to get out.

We had a Tibetan restaurant here in Chicago on Sheridan just north of Wrigley Field, but it closed down last year. I like it quite a bit.

Maybe that'll be my quest for the day...

There is a Tibetian restaurant in the Adams Morgan section of Washington. I should give it a try.

I would definitely give it a try - on looking more closely at the menu online, I realized that the vegetarian dishes look even better than the meat-based ones. It wasn't as spicy as I expected (my French guide book claimed Tibetan food is a cross between Indian and Chinese food and very spicy, which this place certainly wasn't) but it was savoury. And if you are trying to cater to vegetarians it's probably a very good bet...let me know how it turns out if you do go!

I was in Paris 2004. me and my boy friend when to Yak . Wasn't sure if we would like the food' since I don't eat meat. but it turn out to be very good. I was happy with how fresh and tasty the food was. I'm planning to go back again when I visit Paris in october.

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