Comments: Spinach/Artichoke Pizza


While I'm sure it was tasty, I hate to break it to you that I just cleaned up something the dog coughed up that looks remarkably similar.

I wonder what we could do to fix the problem with the color/texture. Otherwise, I'm sure it would win all kinds of prizes.

Glad the meal worked out well, even if *I* don't happen to think it looks yummy.

The picture doesn't quite do it justice, I guess.

I didn't like to make my comments public, but yes, that wasn't the most appetising photo. I'm not sure you've improved on it though. Have you considered Ernest T. Bass instead?

It's me, it's me, it's Ernest T.!!

Soup, Bass. At least we'd be keeping with the theme of food...

I want to see the picture!... iv been studying spinach and artichoke pizza... also I dunno how bad it could have looked?!? I hate when people judge something that they don't even know... chocolet pudding looks like poop. And there is lot of other food that look like crap but taste awesome.. like sausage is yummy. But if you knew how it was made forget about it. Sooo many people have rejected spin and artichoke pizza on its name alone.. fact is it dosnt taste like spin or artichokes at all.. open your mind people.. when someone changes a picture its cause you people who reject it are all closed minded... booooo

Darrell lucas
Middletown, ct

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