Comments: Strange New Tastes


The last two catered parties I've been to in Paris featured these jelly-shooters type hors-d'ouvres, so they are pretty trendy here too. Personally, I think they are more work than they are worth for both the consumer and the preparer. In a cocktail situation, it's almost impossible to eat them without putting down your glass somewhere, which is usually a problem. And they aren't nearly as satisfying as good old fashioned canapés and mini-sandwiches in my opinion. All froth and no substance!!

I have yet to be served any of these dishes at a party in Washington. That probably says something about Washington's lack of hipness compared to Paris. Of course, that is something no one needed to actually say.

Just a note - we reviewed Café Atlantico earlier. Great place.

Last year for my birthday we went to Café Atlántico and had the tasting menu. One of the best meals of my life.

P.S. I fixed the typos in the post. That's the problem with posting late at night.