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The good folks at Too Many Chef's have posted the list of participants from the 6th edition of IMBB?. An [Read More]

» My blog didn't burn! from Table Scraps
While I did have a pity party for myself, what I didn't have was a day of grilling, which meant that I didn't get to play in the latest edition of Is My Blog Burning? Head over there for a... [Read More]

» IMBB 6 Grilling from Bread
I adore grilling. I like building a fire. I like tending a fire. I like slapping down a peice of beef or some sausages and hearing that satisfying mouth watering sizzle as they sear on the grate. I like catching [Read More]

» IMBB VIII: Wine from delectation
I didn't think I was going to be able to participate this time 'round -- the theme is to cook with spirit and most importantly, spirits -- wine, liqueur, anything (edible?) with alcohol in it -- but I managed... [Read More]

» IMBB VII: Dumplings from delectation
This is the 2nd time in a row that I find myself out of town for IMBB, and this week the theme is Dumplings, hosted by Redbeard of Food Porn Watch... I really enjoy these challenges, as I find... [Read More]