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» IMBB6 - Grillers Delight from Cuisine Capers
This month's Is My Blog Burning is being hosted by Too Many Chefs. It should be an interesting one - it is centered around grilling and barbecuing, with entries to be posted on July 18th. It sounds more like a... [Read More]

» On the Grill: IMBB? 6 -- Grillers (and BBQers) Delight from LENNDEVOURS
After not participating in the first five Is My Blog Burning? events, I'm finally ready to shake off the dust and make it happen. Why the sudden change of heart (and motivation)? It's simple...IMBB? 6 is for Grillers and BBQers...and [Read More]

» Is My Blog Burning#IT1, è tempo from ComidaDeMama
milton e iaia sorrideranno perchè sanno di che cosa sto parlando. alberto, autore del weblog il forno ha lanciato nella blogosfera questa maratona di ricette di cucina a tema, che oggi giunge alla sua sesta mirabile edizione. Da tempo parliamo... [Read More]

» IMBB? VI ~ Grillers (and Barbecuers) Delight from In My Kitchen
There is a wonderful group food blog that appeared in February 2004 called Too Many Chefs. It's an amazing [Read More]

» CSA Challenge - Day 2 from Cuisine Capers
Not too bad today! I used several things from our CSA box today. I can't post about them all, because I did my IMBB #6: Grillers Delight entry today, to be posted on Sunday. But here's what I can tell... [Read More]

» IMBB-Grilling from Walker New York : Eats
Hooray! There's another Is My Blog Burning, which I've been itching for ever since I made my way back to the kitchen. I was kind of sad to have missed so many, especially the rice one. This one's theme is... [Read More]

» IMBB 6: Grilling from Bread
I adore grilling. I like building a fire. I like tending a fire. I like slapping down a peice of beef or some sausages and hearing that satisfying mouth watering sizzle as they sear on the grate. I like catching [Read More]

» IMBB #6: Tenderloin Chimichurri with Grilled Vegetables from Cuisine Capers
When this month's Is My Blog Burning? #6 was announced, I was a little bit disappointed that it was "Griller's Delight". Don't get me wrong, we love to grill in the summer, but we don't get terribly inventive, for... [Read More]

» Is My Blog Burnin? 6: Allspice Brined Grilled Pork Chops with Mango-Habanero BBQ Sauce and Mango-Apple-Corn Salsa from LENNDEVOURS
In typical LENNDEVOURS fashion, I waited until almost the last minute to decide what I was going to prepare for IMBB? 6 -- Grillers (and BBQers) Delight, hosted by I ran through the usual suspects...chicken...steak...maybe a grilled p... [Read More]

» IMBB? 6 - Grillers (and Barbecuers) Delight from Amuse Bouche
I decided to participate,officially this time, in part 6 of the 'Is my blog burning' by whipping up my Spatchcocked Buttermilk Chicken with Spice rub. I didn't find out about the competition until Friday night and it was just [Read More]

» Jim's Famous Hamburger from elise's Simply Recipes
Once a month, food bloggers from around... [Read More]

» Grilled peppers in olive oil from Suburblicious
Each month, foodbloggers around the world coordinate themselves to cook under a common theme. The event is called «is my... [Read More]

» Poivrons grillés, marinés dans l'huile d'olive from Délices -
En anglais: Grilled peppers in olive oil À chaque mois, les «foodbloggers» de par le monde se passent le mot... [Read More]