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March 27, 2006
IMBB24 Roundup, Round 3

We're up to the third batch of participants in this month's Is My Blog Burning Event - IMBB #24, Make it in 30 Minutes, wherein we challenged you to make a full meal as much from scratch as possible in just 30 minutes.

If you'd like to review the first batch of participants, the first post is here.
The second batch of participants can be found here.

In the order of receipt of e-mail, here are entries 31-45 (or temporarily, a portion thereof):

Masak-Masak - Clams in Shaoxing Wine Soup
We refuse to clam up about this month's IMBB. In fact, we love clams! Kuala Lumpur's Masak-Masak brings us a clam soup unlike any I've seen before. The clams are in their shells in a soup made with Chinese Wine.
Live to Nibble - Chilean Sea Bass Poached in Garlicky Tomato Sauce
Eat to Live, Live to Eat? Nah, Live to Nibble, preferably on a dish like this toothfish dish (that's Chilean seabass to you). The flavors in tomatoes and anchovies are drawn out by white wine to flavor the aforementioned toothy fin-bearer. Quick and delicious.
Hungry in Hogtown - Nigella's lemon linguine, apple tarts
Let's see, we're doing an event around meals made in 30 minutes, and Rob at Hungry in Hogtown is married to a woman named Rachael.. I suppose its inevitable that Food supestar Nigella Lawson comes up. Huh? Well it is Nigella's Lemon Linguine recipe that features in this quick meal, to be followed by a very apple tart. Cider's the key to the tart.

Golden Shrimp - Amai Udon

Eva from Golden Shrimp goes for a recipe out of a cookbook from one of my favorite UK restaurant chains - Wagamama. Wagamama specializes in getting you in and out of their simple bench seating restuarants quickly. What a pleasant stroke of luck that the cookbook has a recipe for Amai Udon that uses Golden Shrimp. Nice!
la Dilek - Lime Tuna on hot Couscous

Dilek normally blogs in Turkish, but this Switzerland based blogger put together a nice English language post of a nice way to treat a good piece of fish. Spices ranging from curry to kaffir lime to honey and coriander flavor this dish. It should probably be enjoyed seaside with a warm breeze blowing in off the water.
Sweetnicks - Chicken Chilaquiles

Sweetnicks tracks down a recipe from the Preppie Queen Martha Stewart. Only, it seems Ms. Stewart has strayed south of Connecticut, all the way to Mexico. Chipotle, Adobo, and - feta? Nice twist Senora Stewart, and nicely done, Sweetnicks.
Noodles and Rice - Ikan Bilis Fried Rice

Ikan bilis, tiny little dried anchovies, are the secret ingredient in Noodles and Rice's Malaysian fried rice. The usual egg is omitted, but the fish have plenty of company from Misters Chicken and Shrimp. Don't be lonely, tiny fish.
The Pilgrim's Pots and Pans - Alamang & Camias

Alamang are miniscule shrimp. Camias are a tropical fruit. (Hey, you got your alamang in my camias! No, you got your camias in my alamang!) This simple, beautiful recipe, though filled with terms that may be unfamiliar, should be the inspiration for a lot of light dinners.
Foodatista - Tilapia with Oyster Mushrooms and Turmeric Cream Sauce

Foodatista doesn't want to admit how quickly this dish comes together, and I can understand why. If you didn't know how easy this recipe is, and you were faced with this beautiful presentation, you'd probably be willing to pay $25 for it at one of them fancy restuarants where they require shoes.
Super Fresh Marty Mart - Black Bean Noodles

Time is money, money is time (and fun is bowling, but that's another post), and Ariadne at Super Fresh Marty Mart added a financial component to this month's challenge, saving not just time but money. The black beans in this post are a little different from the ones I'm used to, but when the whole meal is delicious and inexpensive, we can all afford to expand our horizons a bit.
In Mol Araan - Sesame Miso Soup with or without Noodles

In Mol Araan makes a miso soup unlike any I've ever had. Not content to just add miso to hot water and maybe chuck in some veg and tofu, In Mol Araan adds two different types on miso and tahini to create a miso-sesame soup in practically no time at all.
Jonski Blogski - Chickpea and Italian Sausage Pasta with Spinach and Feta

Jonski Blogski twists a chickpea and chorizo stew by swapping the chorizo for Italian sausage and adding two of my favorite ingredients - spinach and feta. The chickpeas absorb many of the flavors from the stew, and the feta, sausage, and chickpeas all provide the protein punch.
Beyond Adobo - Sinangag

Sinangag is fried rice at it's MOST basic. This traditional Filipino dish uses only four ingredients - garlic, oil, rice, and salt. Stef of Beyond Adobo provides tips and tricks to help this simple dish achieve greatness.
Mekuno Cooking - Flash in the Pan Fish, Spinach-Arugula Salad with Red Pepper, Parmesan, & Walnuts, Walnut Cake

Time was almost Faith's downfall. Not the thirty minutes to make this meal, but the extra time it took to defrost the fish she forgot to take out of the freezer earlier. Faith rallied and put together a fish dish that makes my mouth water along with a smart salad and a walnut cake adapted from Epicurious.
Me and My Kitchen - Salas and Sandwich

My vegetarian side was pleased to see Santhi's sandwich at Me and My Kitchen. Peppers, and tomatoes are brought together by paneer cheese, and accompanied by a modest salad with ranch dressing. I could eat this for lunch every week.

If we didn't get to yours yet (heck, we haven't even done ours yet), don't worry - it's coming! There's still one more post to come for those of you looking for a meal you make in 30 minutes. Thanks for hanging in there. Look for the last roundup post tomorrow.

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Posted by Barrett in Maryland at March 27, 2006 8:05 PM

Thanks for all you work, Barrett - I'm really enjoying all the recipes!


Posted by Ariadne on March 29, 2006 at 9:06 AM

Great Job Barret. And Thank You for the description of my entry.

Posted by Santhi on March 29, 2006 at 1:46 PM

Everything is looking awfully tasty....

Posted by Barbara on March 29, 2006 at 3:28 PM

And there's more to come tonight including yours, Barbara!

Posted by barrett on March 29, 2006 at 4:14 PM

thanks so much, barrett, for hosting, and for the lovely round-up. this will now serve as inspiration for many quick dinners in our household.

Posted by stef on March 29, 2006 at 6:04 PM

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