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March 26, 2006
IMBB24 Round-up, Round 2

We're up to the second fifteen participants in this month's Is My Blog Burning Event - IMBB #24, Make it in 30 Minutes, wherein we challenged you to make a full meal as much from scratch as possible in just 30 minutes.

If you'd like to review the first batch of participants, the first post is here.

Here, however are the next fifteen participants in the order we received their e-mail:

The Skinny Epicure - Mushroom-leek Omelette Sandwich Lunch
THIRTY minutes? Thirty long minutes? Forget that, said the Skinny Epicure and put together a simple but delicious omelette sandwich with a fresh fruit dessert in just 20 minutes. It's the same kind of innovative thinking that made six minute abs such a huge improvement over seven minute abs.
A Veggie Venture - Beet & Walnut Salad
Alanna Kellogg, Veggie Evangelist (I always think that should be Veggie 'vangelist, but I bought my wok at Woks n' Things, so what do I know?), was not so keen on our theme this month, but changed her mind at the last minute when she found a muse. Rachael Ray provided the base recipes, and Alanna provided the editorial guidance, lightening both RR's Chicken and Mushroom Goulash recipe and her Beet and Walnut Salad. The goulash won't be AK's recipe file, it sounds like, but the modified Beet and Walnut Salad will be.
Fool for Food - Rucola Risotto
Another day, another name learned for arugula/rocket/rucola. Claudia at Fool for Food uses a favorite herb in a nice simple risotto. This last year I had arugula on a pizza for the first time and loved it. Now, I have a risotto to try with that magical green. Excellent.

I Was Just Very Hungry - Sweet and Sour Okara Meatballs, Puntarelle Flower and Eggplant Stir Fry
Maki of I Was Just Very Hungry uses okara, which is a byproduct of tofu soy milk production to pull together her pork and tofu meatballs and a vegetable called puntarelle flower - which is somewhat like asparagus, but also somewhat like broccoli or endive - to match with eggplant in an accompanying stirfry. Unique and enticing.
Pertelote - Harissa-glazed carrots with feta, Lamb with pine nuts and hummous, Banoffee-in-a-glass

Pertelote has no permalinks on her blog so you'll just have to search for March 25, 2006 on her blog if you're reading this in the future. And it'll be worth the search, because this is a meal to come home to. I bet you could convince the in-laws this took all day to make. Can I tell you how much I like feta with carrots? Can I? Can I? It's a lot, if you couldn't guess...
Cook (almost) Anything Once - Bruschetta al Pomodoro, Pesto Pasta, Ricotta Soufflé Puddings

Haalo of Cook (almost)Anything Once turns to Italy for inspiration for a quick nosh and comes up with this trio of Italianesque treats. Burschetta, Pasta, and a dessert that uses cheese and fruit. Wonderful. Put a little Dean Martin on in the background and make a night of it.
Green Green Chutney - Shallow fried whiting, Cilantro-lime pasta salad, Hummus

You might think the shallow fried whiting is the big attraction in Green Green Chutney's meal, but I'm placing my money on the cilantro lime pasta salad. Don't get me wrong, the fish looks great, but what an energetic combination of flavors in that pasta. I don't mean to neglect the hummus, either, but I'll stand by my guess on the pasta.
A Blithe Palate - Panfried Herbed Chicken and Potatoes with Braised Leeks, and Saffron-Vanilla Waffles with Mascarpone and Honey

Poker nights call for quick cooking. A Blithe Palate gives us a dish fit for a King to nine straight flush. For the main course, an herbed chicken dish accompanied by sauteed leeks. For dessert, waffles luxuriously made with saffron and vanilla. A little marscapone, a little sweetness and then its off to the gaming table.
Ambrosia - Grilled Sea Scallops with Corn Salad, Grilled Asparagus

Ambrosia WILLS Spring into being by taking this half hour extravaganza out to the grill. Sweet scallops are grilled with corn over an open flame. The corn is tossed in a mustard/balsamic dressing and the scallops served on top with a side of crisp-tender asparagus. Persephone's a-coming to dinner for this meal.
Berry Simple - Figs with prosciutto, goat cheese and almonds, Chargrilled Lamb Backstrap with Lentil, Baked apricots with fruit mince and brandy

Berry Simple is all about flavor combinations in this well-planned meal. Salty and sweet pair in the figs, lamb is complimented by lentils in the main course, and apricots and brandy are accented with mint. A time schedule is supplied. For those of you in a real rush, skip all the other steps and just do the ones at 7:04, 7:10, 7:15, and 7:28. You won't be so worried about the rest of the steps...
Sugar, Spice, & Everything Nice - Egg Pulao & Fresh sliced Tomatoes, Mango Delight

A pulao is a rice dish cooked in a well seasoned broth. Here, SS&EN adds hard boiled eggs to this pulao make a filling and delicious main course. For dessert, we get a sweetened and spiced mango served with a fluffy whipped cream. All in under 30 minutes, and all quite tasty.
Lucullian Delights - Mediterranean Vegetable Stir Fry With Tofu, Fried Bananas With Ginger Syrup

Tofu is a chameleon, and Ilva in Tuscany uses it to great effect in her stir fry of vegetables we usually think of as belonging to Italian cuisine - great choice! After that main course, we have bananas fried and coated in golden syrup. Ilva may be in Tuscany, but that dessert looks lush enoughto be straight from ancient Rome (well, if they'd had bananas, that is).
Porcini Chronicles - Bagna Cauda

To those in the know, Bagna Cauda is a richly enjoyed treat. Susan in Italy knows bagna cauda. Garlic and anchovies make a fine bath for bread and crudites. If you have any leftovers - ah, who am I kidding? There will be no leftovers.
Amuse Bouche - Grilled pork tenderloin with a hot pepper jelly and molasses glaze and spice rub with roasted asparagus and baby red potatoes in chive butter

Butterflying, grilling, hot pepper jelly, Costco! Amuse Bouche's entry for this event has it all. Meat and two veg is turned into a meal to write home about when the featured players are treated with care and flavors mated carefully as they are here. Chomp!
Beyond Salmon - Slow Roasted Salmon With Chive Oil

Short to be Tall, Skinny to Be Fat, Cruel to Be Kind, Slow to be Fast? This slow-roasted salmon dish was inspired by Charlie Trotter. Even slow roasted fish is done within our 30 minute time limit, and the asparagus and mushroom sides ensure it'll be a long time before I'm personally Beyond Salmon.

That's the second batch of fifteen. There's lots more in store, but the midnight hour approaches and the rest of our participants will have to wait for tomorrow. If you want to go back and look at the first batch, click here.

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Posted by Barrett in Maryland at March 26, 2006 11:35 PM

Thanks for the wonderful descriptions of my recipes (Egg Pulao & Mango Delight) :) and for hosting this event.

Posted by Spicehut on March 27, 2006 at 12:33 AM

didnt manage to join this time..maybe the next.

Posted by foodcrazee on March 27, 2006 at 7:19 AM