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January 28, 2006
Posts of the Week
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Match Game:2006 - Fill in the blanks. "Posts of the Week was thinking of joining a yoga class for the new year, but opted out we sprained our BLANK putting it behind our BLANK." Ow. Instead we pick three posts from the vast, untamed blogosphere for you to peruse and enoy.

A. New blogs, fresh from the oven! 2006 continues to produce great new food blogs. The enigmatically named Cave Butter (which seems to have changed its name to Butter Churn while I wrote this post caught my eye this week. Parmesan crisps are fun to make. They're more fun to fill and top. I like the toppings Butter Churn put on these crisps - Sardines, tomatoes, parsley, and onion.

I. You might think I link to In Mol Aran because it is, to my knowledge, the only English/Yiddish food oriented blog on the web. Well, maybe. You might think I link to this post with a beautiful picture of an "inside-out" radish for the beauty of the colors. There you'd only be partially right. I link to the radish post because the bonus link in the post points to a list of food references in They Might Be Giants songs. "The supertasters live among us!" *

1. I haven't responded yet to Indira at Mahanandi's tag to share a home cold/flu remedy. I will next week (really, I promise), but In Praise of Sardines has a home remedy in " wife's Tortilla Soup". The soup is spicy to clear the sinuses, has some salt to replace lost electrolytes, has lots of vitamins, a little protein - just the thing to get you back on your feet again.

We hope you'll stay on your feet (and out of the yoga injury ward) until next week when we'll march you up and down the square in search of three more posts worthy of being Posts of the Week.

* OK, look, it's only fair in a week that Ira Glass announces that he's moving to New York with "This American Life" that Chicago get They Might Be Giants in trade. Brooklyn's had them long enough and frankly, any talent scout in the league will tell you Ira for TMBG is pretty much a straight-up deal. If you wish, we'll throw in the entire "Hello, Beautiful" show for free. In fact, we insist. How 'bout it Brooklyn? Huh? Deal?

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