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November 12, 2005
Posts of the Week
Too Many Chefs post of the week

Posts of the Week would like to deny the nasty rumor that we once were employed writing rootkits for Sony. Just don't ask us about Rhino... (kidding!)

1. I'm mad, and I eat! Actually, I'm not really all that mad. In fact, I'm in a pretty good mood, really. I took a nice walk today and the leaves were turning these great colors and then I saw a movie that was pretty funny and had nice lunch and-

But I digress.

I'm Mad and I Eat is the blog that brings us some sage advice this week. We have a fresh sage plant that I've been punishing pretty hard the last few weeks. Well, it's about to get punished again as I harvest some leaves for these Sage Pecan Cheese Wafers. Here's hoping I'm Mad and I Eat (IMAIE) progresses soon to IMSMBIDBIN (I'm Merely Slightly Miffed, but I Do Believe I'll Nosh).

A. Waiter, I'll start with a Queensland Blue, followed by a bit of Kakai, then perhaps a Sweet Dumpling, and a bit of Long Island Cheese. What am I talking about? Maybe you should head to Small Farms and find out.

I. I'm a sucker for savory pies and tarts. However you'd classify b'stilla, a savory poultry pie (you might use chicken or pigeon), I'm using my Invitation to the Barbecue to look it over closely.

BONUS: But wait, we've had three posts this week. Is there room for one more? There's always room for Jello, especially Apple Fluff from the Jello files.

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