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August 23, 2005
Stay Tuned...

Yes, yes, we're kind of dogging it this last week. Meg's been here in Chicago visiting and I've been crazy with work.

We'll have some tasty morsels shortly including a review of Opart Thai and Topolobampo in Chicago. We might even sneak one of Noon o'Kabob in there as well.

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Everybody dogs it once in awhile.

Posted by chef 'em out on August 24, 2005 at 9:04 PM

Yep, apologies for not preparing better in advance! I have photos for about five posts, but didn't find the time to write them up before our flight on Monday. I'm only able to comment thanks to the generousity of the Apple store in London, which has free Internet access.

So I'll be out of the loop until September 1...have a great end of the month of August, everyone!

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