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May 7, 2005
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Too Many Chefs post of the week

As easy as 1-2-3 to pick out three great posts from the thousands of contenders? Well, no. It's easy to count to a hundred when looking for good cooking blogs out there and most of them have had at least one interesting post in the last week. But a choice had to be made and luckily for you I am here to do my humble best!

I. You might think I have a thing about bacon (and you'd be right). But this post from the new-to-me Bacon press was an interesting exploration of taco trucks in Modesto, CA. While this only touches tangentially on the issue of smoked porks (okay, not at all) it was still a great post with lots of photos and a window into a cultural phenomenon that is unfortunately nonexistant in this corner of the world. I also liked the philosophy that led to the post: when in Rome, eat where the Romans eat!

1. In honor of Kentucky Derby week, I'd like to nominate this post on the true Mint Julep from cookiesinheaven. I'm not from the South but I don't entirely buy into the if-you-aren't-from-here-you-can't-make-one mentality so as a cocktail drinker from Chicago I'm always interested in a good recipe!

A. And lastly another relative newcomer is the Evil Fruit Lord (snazzy title, no?) informing us about the New World Fruits that didn't become common in Europe. I am a certified Fruit Freak myself and am looking forward to more interesting information from this source.

Z. Aha, you thought we were done, did you? Well, in skimming around looking for recent good posts I found a really good one from February and couldn't resist passing it on. So take a look at Julie of Finger in Every Pie's recipe for Potted Chicken and Meatballs and the accompanying thoughtful memories of how cooking brought her closer to her mother. I had the joy of learning cooking from my grandmothers, but it still struck a chord. Judging by the comments on the post I'd say I'm not the only one who liked it.

So that's it for this week. Barrett will be back next week (right, B?) with his innate gift of seeking out the quirky and fascinating. My work is done...

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