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April 23, 2005
Posts of the Week
Too Many Chefs post of the week

Once again it's that time of the week when we present you with three great posts out there in blogland. Barrett is busy moving apartments this weekend so he has handed me the baton again. Luckily he also gave me a couple of tips on how he finds such great gems...

A. First off is a relative new-comer, The Bacontarian, which has an interesting exploration of whether pancetta is or is not bacon. This is a subject which is dear to my heart because I'm stuck at the crossroads of culture where you can buy products labelled bacon that are thin slices of Canadian bacon, something like English bacon or stuff that is almost like American bacon but called poitrine fumée (except that it's usually too salty and sometimes too thick). Since bacon is the main food that guarantees my never belonging to the vegetarian club I guess you could say it's a subject that interests me.

I. Next up, I'd like to nominate a token English post, in honour of St. George's Day: Becks and Posh. Sam has a tribute to Friday night in SoHo which seemed appropriate to me. Curry: the national dish of England!

1. And lastly I've chosen for the valiant attempt to save a good restaurant. They may have shamelessly stolen a good idea, but then that's in the spirit of the Posts of the Week, isn't it? And it's much better than stealing a bad idea. Good job and I wish I could help the cause by visiting Larsa's myself! (Barrett, over to you!)

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