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February 19, 2005
Food Digest
Maybe we weren't hungry while reading the papers, but our nation's food sections seemed a little thin this week. Could it be the new government health guidelines that caused the loss of content? There were several stories about French women not getting fat, but we figured you had heard enough about that topic.

R.W. Apple, Jr., globe trotting reporter and, reputedly, the only staff member at the New York Times to have an unlimited expense account, explores the culinary contradictions of Puerto Rico. Frank Bruni tries the burger at Peter Lugar, the famed Brooklyn steak house, and decides that they use good meat but can't cook it correctly. Bittman cooks with frozen vegetables and finds that good things can come from the freezer case.

Russ Parsons at the Los Angeles Times shows he's secure with his masculinity and declares that quiche is cool again. Personally, I've always loved quiche, but I never claimed to be a real man. The paper also feels that the best vegetable soups are the simpliest.

Some cooks gain their skills from eGullet's online classes, according to the Chicago Tribune. Next week, I predict that their food section will discover blogs.

In Maine, it's the season for tiny sweet shrimp, reports the Boston Globe. I wonder if Texas if raising tiny cows these days.

The Miami Herald travels south of the border to eat superior junk food in Mexico. Fred Tasker defends the wine geek after a column in USA Today attacked people who share his passion for vino. Come on Fred, no one reads USA Today, do they?

Is the French Laundry dirty? The world famous restaurant refused to show the Napa News their latest health inspection, as required by law.

Let's hope for extra food news next week. We're always looking for new food sections to read. If you know of a good one, leave us a comment.
Posted by at February 19, 2005 3:35 PM

Todd, I hate to have to mention this in public, but if you read the "Too Many Chefs Style Manual", you'll see that we always refer to R.W. Apple as "magnificent bastard R.W. Apple".

Unlimited expense account? Yikes.

Posted by barrett on February 20, 2005 at 10:19 AM

Yeah, they say that when he first went over to Rome as a younger reported he checked into the nicest hotel and ate like a king. He just kept spending, and the Times kept paying.

A friend met him at the Souther Foodways conference once. It's a funny story, but requires timing and voices that I can't convey on the page. If we ever meet in person, I'll tell you the story.

Posted by Todd in New Orleans on February 20, 2005 at 1:21 PM