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December 25, 2004
Most imaginitive Christmas present 2004

Camembert Things are a little chaotic here in the Paris contingency of TMC as you have probably gathered. However, I thought I'd just post a quick comment on the most imaginative foodie present, which my darling husband gave me yesterday. Knowing how I have longed for Forbidden Foods through the last nine months of pregnancy, he presented me last night with a gourmet cheese platter, including some of my favourite unpasteurized French cheeses: Camembert, Crottin de Chavignol (a creamy goat cheese), Comté, Roquefort...I'm in heaven!

My stocking was also full of goodies from the gourmet section of the grocery store, but these cheeses were a really clever gift for a chef who has been deprived for so long! (Let me point out, nevertheless, that our best gift - our son - was more than worth the temporary sacrifice!)

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!! It's hard to imagine any of you having as happy a Christmas as we are having here in Paris but I hope for your sakes you do! (Unless you prefer a happy Kwanza, non-denominational holiday period or Hannukah...!)

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