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November 4, 2004
Food Section Digestion - Blue States Edition

Preliminary note: Sigh. Now on to the digestion -

The wine-sipping Eric Asimov in the New York Times this week discovers, or rather rediscovers Chardonnay. Melissa Clark falls in lovage. Mark Bittman makes a butternut squash soup with chestnut dumplings.

In Washington D.C. the Washington Post's Domenica Marchetti finds you can make a nice sauce if you use the right can of tomatoes. Yes, I said can. Bonnie Benwick finds that bakers are concerned about Land O'Lakes' decision to sell butter in wax paper. The Foraging column finds pawpaws.

Bill Daley takes us to explore India through new cookbooks in the Chicago Tribune. Indian is spicy but so is the mushroomy vegetarian chili Renee Enna prepares this week.

In Connecticut, an uncredited first person story praises avocados.

In New Hampshire, Nashua Telegraph correspondent Sally Bashalany profiles Anne Doane, a perennial area cook-off winner.

Baltimore Sun reporter Rob Kasper gets us ready for Thanksgiving by posing the question - "The turkey: traditional or a tad unconventional?"

Philadelphia Inquirer critic Craig LeBan (who was not in Duran Duran) begins a three part series on Local Tastes, Global Vision.

Susan Selasky of the Detroit Free Press feezes her nuts. (Oh grow up, I mean walnuts.)

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal's Karen Herzog knows that Milwaukee is a meat and potatoes town but she has interesting recipes to prove that doesn't mean dull.

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune's Taste section engages in navel gazing.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer food write Hsiao-Ching Chou takes a wok (I know, I'm sorry). Anne Lovejoy offers us a fungal feast.

The L.A. Times Corie Brown Knows Why the Caged Poet Cooks. Good Morning.


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