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October 23, 2004
Picks of the week
Too Many Chefs post of the week

Each week, we pick three posts we particularly enjoyed over the last week from the vast community of excellent food bloggers. Maybe these posts were funny, maybe they were great recipes or a particularly well-written review of a restaurant. Maybe they just were the right post for us at the right time. If you haven't read them, this should give you a chance to go back and catch them before they disappear into the archives.

1. Do you come from a land down under? No, not there. Further to the left. Further. Further. Keep going. A little more. Almost there. Stop. Our first selection this week comes from the southern half of the big blue ball but not from Australia. Cook Sister! is the blog of a South African woman cooking abroad (in the UK?) and this week she gives us a lesson in gnocchi.

A. It's Ramadan, and Umami notes the practices of Muslims in Malaysia who abstain from food from dawn to dusk but who buka puasa (break their fast) with a vengence when it's appropriate. Beautiful pictures.

I. Shiokadelicious has been a place I go to get a peek in to the cuisine of Singapore. Everything on the blog seemed exotic and delicious. I was surprised to find that when Renee wrote about "Stepping outside her comfort zone" she wasn't headed for dishes even more foreign to a Midwestern American boy. She was talking about using boxed cake mix. Be sure to read as Renee tries a little Betty Crocker magic for the first time, and tells us how it turned out.

Hey, Americans - 10 days to the election. Are you all registered and ready to vote?

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