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October 8, 2004
By Popular Demand: the Food Digest

Two weeks of undigested food news can leave a big hard lump in your tummy. So I have decided to provide you with the digest Barrett began last week and a few more recent links of my own. Happy reading!!

Barrett's Old News

The last week of September is here and the first U.S. Presidential debates are upon us. It's doubtful these two will present us with a rematch of Lincoln-Douglas, but tune in tonight to see who addresses the real food-based issues of our time.

George Erdosh writes in the Chicago Tribune that "Mother nature hates fresh food." Sounds like she worked in my high-school's cafeteria. Read his suggestions on how to beat Mother Nature by storing your food properly. Oenophile Bill Daley challenges the wisdom that you should cook with the wine you plan to drink. Donna Pierce reprints Kim Kaiser's classic apple cake recipe. I've had this cake - it's a winner (unlike my Chicago Cubs lately...).

R.W. Apple, Jr. of the New York Times spends this week in the capital of the swing state of Wisconsin at the largest farmer's market in the country. Florence Fabricant watches as cocktail-making is transformed into a high art in Manhattan. Dana Bowen looks at garlic from New York state and explains the difference between soft-necked and hard-necked garlic. Julie Powell reads Gourmet magazine's "The Gourmet Cookbook" Her conclusion - it's a good collection of recipes, but it's not going to replace Fanny Farmer or The Joy of Cooking as a single must-have tome.

Meg's New News

The Chicago Sun Times had a story about the true Chicago Sundae. (You may have noticed that Barrett is a Chicago newspaper snob and only includes food news from the Trib...!) Sadly, the article notes that although the sundae used to contain only authentic Chicagoan ingredients, some of them now come from as far away as Southern Illinois!

An exciting restaurant review in the September edition of the UK Observer's Food Monthly: "Dominatrix waitresses, a cross-dressing maitre d', beds for dining chairs...Amsterdam's Supperclub reviewed"...yeow!

From the Sydney Morning Herald, a Marriott hotel in London has been asking patrons to sign a waver form if they want their meat served rare, yes the "nanny state" lives on...

And Canadians celebrated Thanksgiving this Monday and the Toronto Star had this recipe for pumpkin fudge. Isn't it nice of them to publish their Thanksgiving recipes well in advance of our Thanksgiving? Or you could, of course, make them for Halloween...

Next week we promise that like MacArthur at Corregidor, The Food Digest Shall return!

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