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October 2, 2004

The next IMBB (Is My Blog Burning for the uninitiated) has been announced. This host this time out is Derrick at Obsession With Food, and the theme is Layers and Layers - terrines. Everyone is tagged with making a terrine.

"Now wait," you're probably saying, "Only God can make a terrine." Well, actually that's "tree", but thanks for playing. I have to say I am a bit intimidated by this one. I've often contemplated making a terrine ...

"But wait," you're probably saying again, "Aren't terrines covered by the World Marine Wildlife Protection Act?" Um, that's a terrapin, and I'm glad you like our little blog, Mr. President. As I was saying, I'm a bit intimidated, but I have thought about giving a terrine a go. Now I have an excuse to make a mess of the kitchen and try one out.

A terrine - let me interrupt before your next question - is a layered item, usually bound together by aspic or gelatine or something similar and set in a mold to let the ingredients come together, form, bind, and create a dish that is somehow more than just the sum of its layers.

October 24th we'll find out if I can navigate what promises to be some rough terrine. I'm sure Meg will just whip up something complicated and fantastic that she's done a thousand times before. She's like that, you know.

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