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October 1, 2004
We have a winner!!

I have to apologize for the late announcement of the winner of our quiz. Very unprofessional we are at TMC lately, and we are deeply sorry. However, we hope to make up for it with the stunning prizes we award. Above you see the prize for the latest quiz: a stylish enamal plaque for hanging in your kitchen. And the motto? The Chef is Always Right! (Okay, strictly speaking, chef in French means "boss"...but the boss in the kitchen is you, the cook, right?)

And so, without further ado, we announce the winner of the September quiz: Janet, from Fond of Elves!! Yay!!!! (Honorable mention goes to Elsa, a previous winner, who came within half a point of tying with her!) For the answers to the quiz, continue reading...

Answers to the September Quiz

1. What are Calabasses Pourpres? French heirloom tomatoes, as you would know if you visit Too Many Chefs often enough:

2. Definition: the science of growing plants in a liquid nutrient solution rather than in soil…this means that perfect tomatoes can be grown in the desert or in the middle of the winter. What is the term? Hydroponics (The New Food Lover’s Companion, Barron’s Cooking Guide)

3. What is chenna? Indian cheese

4. Definition: A baked Greek stew made with meat, tomatoes, pearl onions, white wine, garlic, cinnamon and oregano. What’s the dish? Stifado. (The New Food Lover’s Companion, Barron’s Cooking Guide)

5. In the news: which celebrity chef’s restaurant was recently panned by Harden's London Restaurant Guide, receiving low marks in all categories? Jamie Oliver’s restaurant, Fifteen

6. In Imperial measurements, two cups equals how many pints? One.

7. Which has fewer calories: still wine or champagne? Still wine (

8. The current world record for cherry pit spitting stands at what distance? a) 51 feet, 4 inches b) 72 feet, 7 inches or c) 95 feet, 9 inches answer: c

9. Identify the food in this photo! Flowering chives

10. According to the NY Daily News (courtesy of Foodgoat) who said “They gave us a couple of baloney sandwiches, but we're all vegan”? A protester at the NY Republican convention

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