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September 17, 2004
The September Food Quiz

How exciting ! A quiz!!Back by popular demand, we have another puzzling food quiz for your pleasure! This time around we have some timely questions because I didn't need to set the questions weeks in advance. (That said, the timing of my August question on Julia Childs was eerily appropriate, falling as it did in the week she died...) So bear this in mind for the future, quizzers: it is in your interest to keep a vague eye on the food news if you want to prepare for the quiz. Also, I try to get a question or two from fellow food bloggers whenever possible, so frequent all the sites on our sidebar, visit our friends!

So read on for this week's selection of head-scratchers.

1. What are Calabasses Pourpres?

2. Definition: the science of growing plants in a liquid nutrient solution rather than in soil…this means that perfect tomatoes can be grown in the desert or in the middle of the winter. What is the term?

3. What is chenna?

4. Definition: A baked Greek stew made with meat, tomatoes, pearl onions, white wine, garlic, cinnamon and oregano. What’s the dish?

5. In the news: which celebrity chef’s restaurant was recently panned by Harden's London Restaurant Guide, receiving low marks in all categories?

6. In Imperial measurements, two cups equals how many pints?

7. Which has fewer calories: still wine or champagne?

8. The current world record for cherry pit spitting stands at what distance? a) 51 feet, 4 inches b) 72 feet, 7 inches or c) 95 feet, 9 inches

9. Identify the food in this photo!

10. According to the NY Daily News (courtesy of Foodgoat) who said “They gave us a couple of baloney sandwiches, but we're all vegan”?

Send your answers to Good luck!

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