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September 3, 2004
TMC Friday Food Quiz: the RESULTS

How exciting ! A quiz!!Firstly, I would like to thank all of those who participated in the August Friday quizzes. The answers were without exception a pleasure to read and made for some good giggles. I will share excerpts from some of the answer sheets at the end of this entry for your enjoyment, along with the answers to the last quiz!

We will be continuing the quizzes on a monthly basis starting the 17th of September; now that you will have seen how easy and amusing it is to participate I hope you will all be joining us! And then there are the COOL prizes to be won. Luckily for these contestants, I was in Spain recently and had the scope to find cheap non-cheesy prizes. Read on to find out what they were!

And the winners are....drum roll, please....

Winner of Quiz 1: Elsa in Maine (yayyyyy! Wild screaming!)
Elsa will be the proud recipient of a salsa verda pot, complete with a copy of Nigel Slater's salsa verda recipe, which may not be Spanish but is delish! Special mention also goes out to Charlotte in Berkeley who tied in this contest but lost out in the random draw - sorry Charlotte!!

Winner of Quiz 2: Sharon of Luzerne, Switzerland (YAYYY!!! Whistles and stomps!)
As the only winner who resides in Europe, Sharon will receive a jar of Spanish romesco sauce, delicious with grilled fish or meat. I hope it is as good as the sauce we tasted in Catalonia! Again, the contest was fierce in this quiz, with two contestants tying for the winning spot. Our apologies to Will in Chicago for losing out on the random draw. If you want to make it up to him (or just want an interesting read) check out his blog on Melton Mowbray pork pies, which is marginally connected to the question on what AOC means.

Winner of Quiz 3: RisaG of I-don't-know-where (Confused cheering and whistles!)
Risa is our first clear winner, and will receive a pot of Sal Bolet. What is this? It's a mixture of sea salt and dried mushroom. These mixed spice and mixed dried mushroom salts are very trendy at the moment and I am sure Risa will put it to good use in sauces and soups and maybe let us know how it tastes on a grilled steak. Actually, I bought a jar for myself too, so maybe I'll let you know personally!

And lastly, the Winner of Quiz 4: Santos (Wild screaming and a pair of underwear appears on the stage, whistles and stomping...)
Santos deserves our greates accolade because s/he was the only one to get all ten questions right on any of the quizzes - a fitting end to the August round! Santos will receive this nifty little olive dish, complete with a section for discarding olive pits. Congratulations, Santos!!

And on to the answers to the last quiz:

Too Many Questions: the TMC Friday Food Quiz #4 (THE ANSWERS)

1) Battle Creek, MI is famous for being the birthplace of what food product? Breakfast cereal

2) What kind of cheese is pictured here? (Hint: it's the only one that uses this special cheese cutter.) Tete de Moine, from the Jura Mountains.

3) What does the Chinese five-spice powder generally consist of? star anise, fennel, cinnamon, cloves and Szechuan (Szechwan) peppercorns

4) Ruote de carro pasta is shaped like what object? cartwheels/wheels

5) Semolina is made from what grain? Wheat

6) What famous chef started the charity Cheeky Chops for underprivileged youths who want a start in the food industry? Jamie Oliver (for more info, see this site)

7) Ruth Wakefield developed what famous recipe and later traded it for a lifetime supply of chocolate? Tollhouse Cookies (a.k.a. the classic Chocolate Chip Cookies) See the whole story here.

8) The film Babette's Feast was based on a short story by what writer? Isak Dineson (i.e. Karen Blixen)

9) The definition: Steak that has been marinated in oil, lime juice, red pepper and garlic for 24 hours before being grilled. The cooked meat is cut into thin strips that are then usually wrapped in warm tortillas, accompanied by a choice of garnishes including grilled onions and sweet peppers, guacamole, refried beans, etc. The term? Fajitas (Epicurious)

10) What common pastry was invented in Austria in 1686? (Hint: they were at war with Turkey at the time!) The croissant!

And, as the credits roll across your TV screen, take the time to enjoy these little gems from the quiz answer sheets:

From Sweth in DC:
Q: What is Kerry's favourite food? A: In theory, chocolate chip cookies; in practice, waffles.
Q: What is George W. Bush's favourite ice cream? A: In terms of economic or military planning, he appears fond of Rocky Road.

From Elsa in Maine:
Q: Italian Pecorino cheese is made from what kind of milk? A: Sheep's milk! Years ago, I saw a film with Roberto Bernini in a cameo as a sheep-lusting cabdriver, crying out his adoration for the little pecorini (or some such permutation), and suddenly I understood the origin of the cheese's name. Rarely do I buy Pecorino without picturing Bernini caressing (or worse) a sheep's hindquarters. Shudder. As you may well imagine, I have largely switched to cow's-milk cheeses.

From Julian in France:
Q: What is uglifruit? A: A Jamaican fruit which is a cross between a mandarin and grapefruit although, personally, I think it's disgusting to think of a high-ranking Chinese offical stooping to something so low just to invent a new fruit. It's ugli.

Also from Elsa in Maine (she really deserved to win, no?):
Q: The definition is: A dry seasoning blend that
originated on [a] Caribbean island...what is the term? A: Jerk. That is not a slanderous comment on your nature, which is no doubt delightful. Allow me to rephrase: Is the term "jerk"?

Posted by Meg in Sussex at September 3, 2004 8:53 AM | TrackBack

Meg, I thought the quizzes were great! I love a good trivia challenge.

Posted by barrett on September 3, 2004 at 10:18 AM

Meg, thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to compile and post the quizzes. It was such fun, and I should tell you that I actually let out a tiny "whoop!" last Friday when I remembered "Hey --- time for the Friday Food Quiz!"

Salsa verde --- my favorite! Many thanks!

Posted by Elsa on September 3, 2004 at 1:15 PM

Oh, my answers weren't nearly that funny. Can I at least have the salsa verde recipe as a consolation prize?

Posted by Charlotte on September 4, 2004 at 3:25 PM

Sniff... so close!

And reading this post is making me hungry, too.

Posted by Will Baude on September 5, 2004 at 7:09 PM

Thanks to all of you for participating!

Will, I am thinking of adding a rule to say that in case of a tie frequent participants get extra weight, so I hope you'll continue playing!

Charlotte, I'll try to remember to send you the exact recipe tonight. From the top of my head, it involves the following ingredients: fresh basil, fresh pasley, fresh mint, several anchovies, a heaping teaspoon of grain mustard, olive oil and a couple of cloves of garlic. It sounds like a weird combination (mint and mustard and garlic?) bit it really is very tasty and a zingy sauce for fish and potatoes!

Posted by Meg in Paris on September 6, 2004 at 5:49 AM

Yay! i won!
Thank you so much!

I'll be happy to donate some Swiss chocolate for a prize!

Posted by Sharon in Lucerne on September 6, 2004 at 9:57 AM