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August 6, 2004
NEW: Posts of the Week
This week we present not one but two new features. I hope you've tried to answer the questions in the first Friday Food Quiz. Entries are still being accepted at

Each Saturday, the Too Many Chefs crew will pick our favorite posts since last Saturday from other food blogs.

I'm the one writing it up today, so here in no particular order are three posts from the last week that we really liked.

1. Chocolate and Zucchini is a formidable food blog and one of the first I read regularly so many months ago. Her recipe for Velouté Froid de Courgette au Parmesan, aka Parmesan and Zucchini Chilled Soup is a C&Z instant classic. The ingredients are slightly unusual but make perfect sense together in context, and the final soup is a winner. I have a batch of yellow zucchini squash I'm adapting the recipe for this weekend. A chilled soup in the hot summer sun... And can you ever go wrong with Parmesan? No, I didn't think so. Brava, Clotide!

A. The sun-drenched South Atlantic shores of Cape Town, South Africa are home to Brian and his blog Kitsch 'N Zinc. Given the nature of the web, you might expect all the the featured posts to have lucious pictures, but Brian draws a clear picture of the action in your head using only words in a post that would have worked well on gopher. His post on Friendly Waiters had me nodding my head and chuckling in recognition.

I. If Que Sera Sera were a food blog, this dining tale of terror might be my pick for the third slot for this week, but it isn't, so it isn't (got that?).
Instead, I'm going to serve a craving I've had by pointing to elise's Simply Recipe's Blueberry Pie recipe. I've had a taste for a good fruit pie for the last week, and the one pictured is gorgeous. If the recipe cooks half as well as it looks, and if I can convince my wife to let me buy fresh berries for the pie instead of frozen, I should be enjoying a slice of this treat with dinner tomorrow.

I'm cheating a little to add one addition that doesn't really fit the jacket of a blog. Through redbeard's foodpornwatch, I came across the beautiful ŕ la carte site and this post on tomatoes, which fpw tells me was updated Friday night. Don't miss the detailed and well documented tomato recipes ringing the article. Is it a blog? Well, for now, think of it as a bonus offering.

Posted by Barrett in Maryland at August 6, 2004 10:35 PM | TrackBack

Actually, I consider ŕ la carte to be an eZine. I've been building the web site, article by article, month by month, since early 1999. I've always thought of it like a monthly magazine where the old articles just hang around. There's now 62 articles and about 440 recipes on the site. Traffic is about 200,000 visitors (about 9M hits) per year.

Posted by Peter Hertzmann on August 7, 2004 at 3:17 PM

Whatever you call it, it's a beautiful site. You should be very proud of it.

Posted by barrett on August 7, 2004 at 6:39 PM

Hi Barrett, do tell me how the pie turns out! Ours was delicious. :-)

Posted by elise on August 8, 2004 at 4:12 AM


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