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July 19, 2004
You Call that Criticism?

Trusted food critics can be great guides to new places, but isn't it more fun to rail at their ignorance when they give your favorite spot a one star review? Philip Innes, writing for Slammed Magazine, tries to sort out which New York City critics deserve fame and which only bring shame to their publications.

The exhaustive chart he produces gives his survey an air of scientific objectivity, but in the end he only asks critics for three simple qualities: knowledge and curiosity about food, the ability to pull together well-structured prose, and fairness. In the food and media capitol of America, however, many professionals aren't meeting these minimal standards. According to Innes, "The chief reason so many people think they could do what we critics do is that so many of us do it so badly."

For anyone living outside of New York, Innes analysis of every New York Times regional critic may get tedious, but his copious examples of good and bad reviews provides a useful tutorial on how to be a restaurant critic. Put your local food critics to test and see how they stack up against the best New York has to offer.

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