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May 26, 2004
Food Section Digestion - May 27th, 2004

I don't want to start with the New York Times every week (take that, R.W. Apple!) so we'll begin with the Washington Post. The mid-Atlantic paper gets us going with Domenica Marchetti's article on a specialty of the region - clams. The Post sidebars the story with a helpful piece on how to select and handle the delicious bivalves. B.J. Thurlby of the Northwest Cherry Growers predicts a great summer for cherry lovers in Candy Sagon's piece. Robert Wolke writes about Italians and Parisians who care less about how the season is now and more about how it was ten years ago for tinned sardines, which they lay in like fine red wine.

Bill Daley in the Chicago Tribune (no, not THAT Bill Daley) takes us this week to Weber world, just in time for grilling season. A timeline of Weber's wonderful weekend warmers accompanies the article. Daley also speaks with Janet Olsen who staffs, along with others, the Weber Grill Line, where consumers can call to ask their grilling questions. According to the article, "once or twice a summer, someone will call in about grilling a whole pig."

The SFGate gets in the grilling spirit by reminding us the best picnics are often the ones in our own back yard. If however, you happen to be in Britian, Marlena Spieler would like you to know she brought barbecue to the sceptered isle.

I'd always thought Britain was culinarily the land of cans, but apparently that honor goes to Denver, where the Denver Post sings the praises of things in tins and the foodies who use them.

The LA Times, meanwhile is all about Farmers Markets, and where to eat if you find yourself in the Hollywood Farmers Market. The Times' Wine of the Week is a 2002 Condrieu Viognier.

The Austin-American Statesman tells us peaches are coming in a cropper in Fredricksburg, Texas this year and gives us a fistful of recipes to use my personal favorite fruit.

The London-based Observer's Lisa Hilton suggests that how you cook for your lover indicates how you are in bed. She also claims she's never had good sex with a vegetarian though I'm certain it's because she passed out in a meat coma when her clogged arteries couldn't deliver enough blood to her brain.

Nigella Lawson is delivering brined turkey to our backyard get togethers in the New York Times. Kay Rentscheler persuades us that working with yeast doughs can be simple if we use lower temperatures and less yeast. Julie Powell performs an experiment I will have to repeat in my own way. Ms. Powell assembles a Scottish-Thai-Southern fusion meal for friends using only recipes from the May issues of Bon Appétit, Gourmet and Food & Wine. I wish I'd been invited! If he was there, Eric Asimov probably brought a six-pack of Ballantine India Pale Ale, which he writes about this week along with other I.P.A's.

And a web-only bonus today - CNN is reviewing the Cookbooks of Summer.

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