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April 1, 2004
A Cold One

Hey beer!

You're facing hours slaving over a hot oven. The kitchen is broiling. It's sticky, you're thirsty. You're tired, damnit. It's been a long hard day. What are you going to reach for?

Wine? Screw that, Nigella. Tequila? Maybe later but hold on there, cowboy. Milk? Uh, no. What you want is a good cold beer.

You pop one open. You look down at the tallboy in your hand. Then you look at the beer. "I can boil brats in it, but could I really possibly cook with beer?"

Well duh. And here's some of the best places on the web for beertastic recipes for grill, oven, and skillet alike:

epicurious (the roughest riding of all the sites) starts us off with an eight pack of brewed goodness, including Mussels steamed in Spiced Beer and an Onion and Garlic Beer Soup. Just the thing to keep the vampires (and the girlfriend) away.

From there, BeerWineOnline muddles the water with some grape-lovers recipes, but comes through with some solid beer baking with their Beer Biscuits and Herbed Beer Bread.

Global Gourmet offers no recipes but some good advice on using the fruit of the hop to tenderize meats and flavor your food.

Sandy D'Amato, Milwaukee's Kitchen Technician informs us cooking with beer is an obsession with the Belgians and offers up a cake recipe - Carmelized Pear Spiced Ale cake.

The Belgian Brewery Ommegang takes it one step further using Ommegang, Duvel (mmmm... Duvel), Hennepin and Rare Vos in a variety of dishes.

The king of all beer recipes though is beer can chicken. David Snyder offers a straightforward demonstration of sticking a beer up a chicken's nether regions. For a purpose, I mean. I love the pictures, which make the chicken look somewhat cheesed off - wings on hips.

If all this hasn't satisfied your desire for beery food, head to the ultimate beer and food blog - If you brew it, mix it with some stuff, and apply heat, it's probably listed here already.

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