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February 15, 2004
Introducing myself...Meg in Paris

This is my first blog entry so you'll have to bear with me. For years, I've been typing stream-of-consciousness messages to my friend Barrett (hello Barrett!) a.k.a. the genius who set up this site. But that is a far cry from actually putting something out there to be read.

I love cooking.

My husband Steve (my favourite critic) and I bought an apartment this summer and the kitchen is still being tweaked into perfection, so you will undoubtedly be hearing from me on all the boring details. Steve zones out when I start telling him my plans, his eyes go glassy and all you hear is "uh-huh, uh-huh, yeah sounds good..." So the new kitchen is going to be discussed.

I also love gardening: it seems to me to go hand in hand in cooking. I plant the occasional flower, but the bulk of my gardening involves edible plants. We have a 20 square meter terrace and my friend Charles recently gave me some huge planters, so this year looks like a good one for zucchini (courgettes), eggplants (aubergines) and maybe even corn on the cob.

Which brings me to another point: I'm American, Steve is British and we are collectively, linguistically, schizophrenic. So you will see me type colour and color, meter and metre, flat and apartment, elevator and depends on my mood. Sorry, but I'm far too lazy to be consistent. If it leads to any confusion, just send me a message and I'll explain.

So that is my introduction. Next!

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