June 27, 2007
Stability approaches

If you've noticed we've been quiet lately, it's because we're making a few changes to try to stabilize our little blog. Spam commenters, the scum of the eart have wreaked havoc on our corner of the food blog universe. We should have good news by the weekend.

Posted by Barrett in Maryland at 9:06 AM | Comments (12)
June 8, 2007
What the World Eats

Don't miss TIme Magazine's photo essay on what families around the world eat. Sixteen families are pictured with the total of what they eat in a week. I found the Germans the most interesting (check out all the bottles and septic-packs) and the Egyptians the most delicious-looking -(hey look! Fresh veggies!). Check them all out.

Posted by Barrett in Maryland at 1:14 PM | Comments (2)
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