December 12, 2006
Chipotle and Blue Chicken

barbecueblue.jpgSo once you have used three or more chipotles in your Black Bean and Chipotles Stew, what do you do with the rest of the can? You could try your hand at Barrett's intriguing recipe for Not Exactly Ming Tsai's Chipotle Carrot Syrup. I've been meaning to try that for some time, but it looks like something you'd want to spend time on, especially if you make the accompanying spring rolls. Instead, I turned to the ingredients in my kitchen and browsed an odd American cookbook a former colleague of the Critic's gave us some time ago. And I came up with a twist on one of the Critic's favourite American dishes: buffalo wings with blue cheese sauce. Despite the fact that he absolutely hates working for his dinner (for example, getting meat off of bones or mussels out of shells) he loves the spiciness and the salty blue cheese cooling element. I had some blue cheese left over from a dinner party and although I can't eat the stuff myself while pregnant I ws able to use the remaining cheese on his portion. (For my own, I had some leftover tinned blue cheese sauce, which, being cooked, was safe, if bland.)

The smoky chipotles flavour brought a new depth to the sauce and although I think that dark meat is richer and more appropriate the Critic was happier with the white meat. I'm looking forward to trying the "pure" version with proper blue cheese, once the baby arrives. (And also sushi, creamy Camembert, steak tartare and raw oysters to name just a few items...)

Chipotle and Blue Chicken

2 boneless chicken breasts
4 chipotles in adobo sauce
1 tsp honey
6 small cherry tomatoes
freshly ground peppers
a pinch of salt

40-50 grams blue cheese (bleu d'Auvergne or Roquefort)

Whizz the chipotles, honey, tomatoes and seasoning in a mini-blender until smooth. Add a bit of water if necessary to get a soupy enough consistency. Spread on the chicken breasts and, if you have the time, allow them to marinate for an hour or so. Grill the chicken breasts on a ridged frying pan, being sure to leave a good long time on each side so that the meat has nice black stripes and doesn't stick too badly to the pan. Once the meat is nearly done (you can check by inserting a knife tip in the thickest part and seeing if it is white and cooked through), sprinkle the blue cheese over the top and cover for a moment so that it begins to melt before serving. Serve with a nice cold beer and - if your spouse will allow it - a few celery sticks!

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