June 22, 2006
Tuna Steaks with Tomato and Anchovy Salsa

tunatoms.jpgWe've been barbecuing a lot lately. The early summer produce is coming into the markets, we've had wonderful hot sunny days and my terrace garden makes me so happy. So far, the only produce to come out of the garden is a handful of intensely flavoured strawberries and some herbs. But I'm happy with that. Already it's a far cry from my sad attempts to find fresh herbs or anything like a tasty vegetable in April.

In addition to getting the urge to barbecue in hot weather, I also get an urge for light, healthy food. These two usually go together, unless I specifically want fish, which typically falls apart easily on the grill. This is why tuna is one of my favourite fishes to barbecue: it keeps together beautifully on a hot grill. And because it can be a bit dry (I'm not in the medium-rare school of tuna cooking: I like my fish raw or cooked, but not both) it's a great partner for a sauce of juicy tomatoes, basil and anchovies.

It's hardly a recipe, this one. But it's tasty and it might inspire some to pick up a couple of tuna steaks for dinner and do their own variation. You could add coriander (cilantro) instead of the basil, for example, and a dash of lime juice instead of the anchovies. You could spice it up with a little spicy oil. The possibilities, as they say, are limitless. Tuna has a strong flavour that responds well to this rough treatment.

Tuna Steaks with Tomato and Anchovy Salsa

2 tuna steaks
2 juicy ripe tomatoes
4-6 anchovies
10-12 basil leaves
1-2 Tbs olive oil

Brush the tuna steaks with olive oil and slap them on a hot grill. While they are cooking, chop the tomatoes (preferably at room temperature - it brings out the flavour so well). Chop the anchovies and basil leaves and stir into the tomatoes. Give it a good grinding of pepper and let it sit for a few minutes before tasting. Turn over the steaks and cook until done to the point where you like your tuna.

I was slightly tempted by a splash of lemon or a bit of spring onion in the salsa, but decided that the tomatoes were acidic enough to make it interesting. The pepper was essential.

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