March 6, 2006
Announcement - IMBB 24 : Make it in 30 Minutes

There's nothing like taking your time to put together a beautiful dinner for you and your family - slow-roasted meats and vegetables, served with homemade bread and cakes and tarts made from age-old family recipes for dessert. Makes your mouth water, doesn't it?

It might also give you a vague sense of panic. How are you supposed to work for a living and still put good food on the table every night before long after your bedtime? In the real world, it's nice to have an arsenal of recipes that taste like you spent hours on them, but that take only 30 minutes or less to go from raw materials to finished meal.

That's the challenge this month for Is My Blog Burning? - make a full meal, as much as possible from scratch, that you can serve up in less than the time it takes to get a pizza delivered. You have 30 minutes to go from the basic ingredients to the table. Now anyone can open a can of soup, nuke it and say they're done. That's why we're emphasizing the homemade portion of the challenge.

Don't think it can be done with any style? You might check with Jacques Pepin who has just done a series and book called "Fast Food My Way" that demonstrates good food doesn't have to take forever. There's also some woman on the Food Network who does "30 Minute Meals", but I don't know much about her...

If you'd like to participate, simply post your entry on your weblog sometime between March 24 and March 26th, and send us a link at That's a different address than usual -

If you'd like to boost traffic on your site and help create a semi-automated roundup of the entrants, you should also add Technorati tags to the bottom of your post. It sounds tricky, but just copy this code snippet and paste it at the bottom of your post:

Tagged with: <a href="" rel="tag">IMBB24</a> + <a href="" rel="tag">30Minutes</a>

So to review: Post your entry sometime between Friday, March 24 and Sunday, March 26th. Add the Technorati tag above to the post (just copy and paste the bit in the box), and send an e-mail to to let us know you've posted.

Posted by Barrett in Maryland at March 6, 2006 9:48 AM Print-friendly version

Yay, Be Rachael Ray for A Day. Encore!

Posted by sam on March 6, 2006 at 12:20 PM

30 minutes, huh?

Y'all are on!

Posted by Barbara on March 6, 2006 at 11:57 PM

real fast food by nigel slater has interesting recipes....

Posted by sha on March 8, 2006 at 3:29 PM

Due to the popularity of this post with spammers, I am turning off the comments on it. If you have something pertinent to say about it, please look up one of our email addresses in the section "The Chefs" and we will post it manually. Thanks for your understanding.

Posted by Meg in Paris on October 19, 2006 at 5:44 AM
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