June 18, 2005
Posts of the Week
Too Many Chefs post of the week

From the wildly famous to the slightly obscure, old friends and new, here are this week's TMC posts of the week:

1) First up is our old friend Adam, the Amateur Gourmet. Adam had fun this week with his photo-editing equipment and created photographic proof that Russell Crowe is sorry about that phone-throwing incident. Thank you Adam!

A. Next is a new blog to me, TheCooksCottage cooking up Lychee tart with cardamom. Not only did I find the recipe exciting (I've never known what to do with lychees other than eat them raw) but the following quote delighted me:

The decision to bake it quickly was partly because we had limited illumination (candles) due to interminable local power cuts, and the kitchen must have been a good 40C. It was like being in a medieval sauna and cooking by candlelight is quite different from the romance of eating by candlelight.

How can you not love such dedication?

I. And lastly, a new find - both as a blog and as a friend - is David Lebovitz, author of many cookbooks and now on the automatic invite list for the Expat Flat. He recently posted the no-recipe for his cherry jam and I am delighted. When he arrived at our place last Saturday he had a big container of delicious cherry almond ice cream. The recipe is a secret for the moment but I know that one of the ingredients was preserved cherries. So now I have part of the secret...I will get me to my secret laboratory and find the rest...bwah, hah, hah...

In the meantime, I'll just keep inviting him over for potluck dinners so that I get to taste his desserts before they hit the bookshelves!

That's it for this week, folks. If you have any candidates in the next week just send them to me. Barrett will be off lounging on a houseboat in Kentucky next weekend methinks. (Jealous, ME?!??? Well, yes, actually.)

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