May 5, 2005
Tru vs. Trotter

It's a knockdown drag out battle as the Trib's Phil Vettel pits culinary Muhammed Ali, Charlie Trotter's, against the gastronomic Mike Tyson, Tru. Which of these giants of Chicago fine dining comes out on top? It's close but the winner is...

Going to have to face newcomer Alinea which was scheduled to open last night. Food and Wine already predicts Alinea, headed by chef Grant Achatz who has worked not only at Charlie Trotter's but at the French Laundry and briefly at El Bulli, may be the best restaurant in America. How they know that when it hasn't opened is a mystery to me, but it's not the most outrageous prediction.

I've eaten at Trotter's three times and Tru once. Both were amazing experiences. I like Trotter's a bit better, but the service at Tru is incomparable. I haven't eaten at Alinea yet, but that's scheduled to change Saturday.

I'll let you know how it is.

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