April 12, 2005
Another 3G Soup

Green, Garlic and Ginger. Using spinach for the green element was great: hot and salty and sour and extremely healthy. Unfortunately, I only had the one bag of spinach and was sick enough that I didn't feel much like going out to the supermarket. Instead, I pulled some broccoli from the vegetable bin and decided to experiment with it. And I hadn't intended to write about this second attempt, but it turned out so darned good that I decided to share it with the world after all. Not only did I love it, but my Critic - who normally is not overly fond of broccoli - liked it so much that he had it for lunch again the next day. And not only does he not love broccoli, but he normally does not love eating the same food two days running. (Yes, that means I usually get all the leftovers.)

Actually, in this instance the leftovers my dear husband didn't eat had to be frozen. I had forgotten that broccoli is one of those foods that nursing mothers are warned not to eat. At about three in the morning when my son was writhing with colic pain I remembered that warning....

3G Broccoli Soup

2 small heads of broccoli
4-6 cloves of garlic
4 Tbs roughly chopped ginger
1 dried hot pepper
6-8 cups chicken or vegetable broth
4-6 Tbs soy sauce

As with my Hot and Sour Spinach soup, this dish relies of a nice steeping of ginger and garlic. Crush the garlic cloves and put them with the peeled and roughly chopped ginger and the pepper (broken in a few pieces) in a small bag or tie up in cheesecloth. Steep in the broth for half an hour or more. Wash and chop the broccoli about 15 minutes before you want to serve and pop them in the pot. When they are tender, pull out the steeping spices and use an immersion blender to liquidize the soup. Add soy sauce to taste and serve.

This was a delicious soup, a bit spicy but not overwhelming the robust broccoli flavour. I am usually in the habit of adding cream to all my vegetable soups but this is one where it would be a crime. It's hearty, it feels good eating it and it makes broccoli taste good. A perfect way to continue the battle against those cold germs!

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