March 5, 2005
Posts of the Week
Too Many Chefs post of the week

Posts of the Week - Slowly it dawns on us that the only link between Shamrock Shakes and St. Patrick's Day is the color green and we wonder if they tried spinach or spirulina shakes first.

Each week we pick three posts from the infinitely expanding Blog-o-sphere (tm) and bring them to you!

A. Tim, of the excellent blog Fire & Knives has an excellent meditation on knives and how they should be used and cared for in the kitchen. The inspiration for this piece is a litle unusual but I can't say I haven't thought along similar lines - which means Tim is a sick, sick, man.

I. Saute Wednesday scores an interview with master French chef, cookbook author, and PBS cooking teacher Jacques Pepin that shouldn't be missed.

1. Benjamin Christie has the headline of the week with Australian Bush Tucker for Prince Charles but no Witchetty Grubs. It's a goal of mine to eventually understand and taste the foods mentioned in this article. I'm guessing witchetty grubs are like mopane worms which are like giant mealworms. I'm thinking a tamarind and soy based sauce...

Three up, three down. Next weekend I'll be enjoying my Cubs in Mesa Arizona so (unless I can convince a colleague to take on the task) we may skip a week of POTW but I shall return.

Posted by Barrett in Maryland at March 5, 2005 10:09 AM | TrackBack Print-friendly version

I'm gonna be in Phoenix briefly (Mar 11 and 12) to enjoy My A's and My Giants - email me if you want to have a coffee (good luck finding that in Mormon Mesa) or beer.

Posted by Charlotte on March 5, 2005 at 3:42 PM

I'll be happy to take it over next week. And if any of our readers would like to suggest a worthy post (their own or someone else's), just send me a message!

Posted by Meg in Paris on March 5, 2005 at 4:16 PM
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