February 26, 2005
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Posts of the Week - Waiting at the prison gates for Martha like Elwood for Jake, but with THE most tasteful flower arrangement. Each week we pick three posts from the infinitely expanding blog-o-sphere (tm) and bring them to you!

1. Kate the The Accidental Hedonist toils in relative obscurity. (Never mind she gets something like ten times the traffic we do on an average day. We don't. Really. Sniff.) Well, in any case, you have to check out the Fig and Pine Nut Tart she made this week. To quote from her post on the eventual disposition of the tart - "Mu ha ha ha ha!! This tart is mine, mine all MINE I tells ya'!!" Mu ha ha ha indeed.

I. I'm a bit irked at I've been thinking for a while about investigating Indian cooking and Barbara Fisher of Tigers & Strawberries heads me off at the pass and makes a vary authentic looking channa masala. It looks even better than the channa masala I had from Chicago's Hema's on Friday.

A. Some foodie types are good at inventing recipes from whole cloth. Others of us, like Alice from My Adventures in a Breadbox, usually stick to selecting and making recipes from magazines and cookbooks. Alice ventured outside her comfort zone this week and invented a dish she calls Tuxedo Clams. Snappy name, looks tasty - I think its a winner. I love it when a plan clam comes together.

Posted by Barrett in Maryland at February 26, 2005 7:57 AM | TrackBack Print-friendly version

Hey, Barrett--I've been cooking Indian food for quite a few years now. My first personal chef clients were a couple from Pakistan and Bangladesh; I had a great time cooking for them , and I learned a lot along the way.

Channa masala is so easy--and I am flattered to hear that it looks better than what you had in a restaurant. Try making it sometime--but remember, Indian food often tastes better after it has sat for a day or so.

Thanks for featuring my post.

Posted by Barbara on February 27, 2005 at 11:57 PM
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