February 19, 2005
Posts of the Week
Too Many Chefs post of the week

Posts of the week has never, ever been invited the White House Briefing room. Each week we pick three posts from the infinitely expanding blog-o-sphere (tm) and bring them to you!

This week in no particular order:

A. Call the cops! The problem of roving gangs of celebrity chefs pinching sweets from innocent bystanders is getting out of hand. While at innovative chef Homaro Cantu's Moto in Chicago, deepfry of Yum! had her cookie stolen by none other than Homaro Cantu himself! All that was left behind was a 10 course extravaganza of food-as-science-fair-project that Cantu is becoming famous for.

1. So a monkey and Lassie and a Limey walk into a bar and... I mean, actually that the Kitchen Monkey upon learning that he's headed to France makes up a Lassi drink with lime and coconut and uses it to toast to his own departure. Coconut Lime Lassi sounds like a pretty good way to toast to a trip. I'm thinking Captain Morgan might want to tag along for the ride...

I. In general, I am an anti-corn syrupist. The stuff is too sweet and gets processed by your body differently from other sugars to the detriment of your waist line and body chemistry. However, The Accidental Hedonist this week used dark corn syrup to great effect, formulating, at the same time, Kate's Law of Walnut Pie Goodness, which states, in toto "Dark Corn Syrup is your friend."

Well my friend is the guy at the produce department at the local market, and I'm off to see him now. See you next week.

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