November 6, 2004
Picks of the Week
Too Many Chefs post of the week

Each week, we pick three posts we particularly enjoyed over the last week from the vast community of excellent food bloggers. Maybe these posts were funny, maybe they were great recipes or a particularly well-written review of a restaurant. Maybe they just were the right post for us at the right time. If you haven't read them, this should give you a chance to go back and catch them before they disappear into the archives.

1. Feta makes it betta. I'ma sucker for the brined Greek white cheese in any dish. It's salty, sour, savory and delicious. Pairing it with a rich buttery puff pastry is an ideal application. Baby Hippo Bakes, and bakes some delicious Feta Foldovers using just that combination. They look simple and delicious, but maybe a little spinach in the mix next time?

A. What is about Singapore that produces so many good food blogs? Maybe it's the Asian Pacific Food Expo. This week, we have Cheat Eat's take on the event along with some pictures of the expo and the food found within. You know it's a good expo when you have to buy a collapsable shopping cart to carry your swag.

I. Alice at the Breadbox discovered that E.B. White's childhood classic Charlotte's Web contains some amazing food writing. Alice even explains what White meant when he wrote about "middlings". Three of Garth Williams's illustrations from the book are part of the post.

See you next week.

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