September 12, 2004
Posts of the Week

Each week, we pick three posts we particularly enjoyed over the last week from the vast community of excellent food bloggers. Maybe these posts were funny, maybe they were great recipes or a particularly well-written review of a restaurant. Maybe they just were the right post for us at the right time. If you haven't read them, this should give you a chance to go back and catch them before they disappear into the archives.

Sorry this edition is late by a day. My wife and I were busy sampling art and Cake this weekend. The art was at the Around the Coyote festival in Wicker Park, Chicago, and the Cake was a concert given by the band Cake at the Guinness Oyster Festival (where, for health reasons, no oysters were served). This morning, my wife dragged me out of bed to watch her run the Bucktown 5K, her first race, which she finished in under 29 minutes! (UPDATE: 27:48, to be exact).

But enough excuses. Here are the posts of the week in no particular order.

I. thepassionatecook is always a good read. Jo Wagner, a multi-lingual Austrian (think sacher torte, not shrimp on the barbie) living in London is passionate not only about her cooking but about her writing and photography as well. Last Sunday's Curried Mussels is a good example of her work. One tip - click on the photo to get a larger, more lucious version.

1. If you're not the passionatecook, you can still enjoy an Obsession With Food. Such an Obsession with Food can lead you to put together an all-chocolate dinner. Six course. All with chocolate. Not all desserts or moles. Read how Derrick did it at Obsession with Food.

A. Finally, I like the looks of the Salmon Tartare with Red Onion Crème Fraîche on Focaccia on A La Cuisine! The recipe is adapted from two sources, Thomas Keller's French Laundry Cookbook and Cook's Illustrated magazine. The photography is appealingly minimalist. The fish is raw, and should be delicious.

That's it for this week. Next week, my wife Rebecca runs 13 miles, and I run over to the store to get a paper and a Diet Coke. See you then.

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what's with the name? I'm thinking of starting a pickling operation. Are you implying there is to many people in the game? You may be right.

Posted by Tim on September 28, 2010 at 12:16 PM
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