August 28, 2004
Posts of the Week

Each week, we pick three posts we particularly enjoyed over the last week from the vast community of excellent food bloggers. Maybe these posts were funny, maybe they were great recipes or a particularly well-written review of a restaurant. Maybe they just were the right post for us at the right time. If you haven't read them, this should give you a chance to go back and catch them before they disappear into the archives.

It's an Is My Blog Burning? week (good job, Readbeard!), but our purpose here is to introduce you to posts you should read that aren't already linked all over the net. So none of our links this week are from IMBB entries. If you want to see those entries, head on over to lifeinflow.

This week's posts in no particular order:

A. The Amateur Gourmet is always worth a read for his amusing take on the food world. This week, the AmGourm (I really just want to call him the AmGam, but it doesn't work) brings reality television to the blog world with Gourmet Survivor, 2004. The first round is a photographic scavenger hunt. Make sure you read the comments and follow the links to the photo albums of the prospective Survivors. They're hilarious. Next week on this blog - Amish Sous Chef!

1. FatMan Seoul reveals the world of South Korean (and other Asian) cuisine to us every week through his photographs and commentaries. I could pick one of his entries as a post of the week every week just for the beautiful pictures. This week, he introduces us to budaejigae, or "soldier's stew".

I. The Food Museum Blog, I've just recently discovered. In honor of the Olympics, which are closing this weekend, I've picked a post on the challenges of cooking for a village full of Olympians as seen, in part, by Warren Conference Center Executive Chef Todd Boule.

We honored the Olympics this week. Next week, I'm sure we'll have something for the Republican Convention. Anyone have a recipe for a bunch of birds that only have a right wing?

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