August 19, 2004
One too many more chefs

Hello friends,

Where to begin? A recipe almost always starts with the ingredients...

1 constantly updated blog of tasty adventures
5 too many chefs, logging creative entries and tempting recipes
1 dear friend, who happens to be the sister of Chef Paul
1 average Hoosier gal, who happens to almost always be hungry

Blend well together, season with good faith and a generous invitation, and enjoy.

That's the beginning of me. Let me introduce myself - I'm Corrie in Indy. A born and raised Hoosier (no body really knows for sure how Indiana natives got that name), I met Chef Paul's sister Jackie many years ago in Italy. We ate our way through those months together on a study abroad program and I was fortunate to come away with several gifts, including a bellissima amica and a deliciously dedicated commitment to food. Cooking it, eating it, studying it, remembering it...I was forked.

Since that first trip to Italy, I've tried to steer into opportunities to keep my spoon in the pot at least in some capacity...19th century foodways programming in Hoosier museums, an internship cooking three meals a day for 24 guests on a water-locked island in upstate New York, catering business meetings and retreat lunches for co-workers, and, currently, a part time pantry chef position at one of Indianapolis' premier restaurants, Elements.

Learning more about food and its preparation and the way it brings people together is almost as much fun as actually eating - and I love to eat. So naturally, when Jackie's brother Paul asked if I might be interested in joining Too Many Chefs, I jumped (or sauted, or bruleed, or seared) at the opportunity. What an honor! Thanks for the invitation, chefs!

I look forward to blogging with this talented group of cooks and writers and to hearing from you, our fellow hungry readers.

More soon. Stay well and eat well,
Corrie in Indy

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We're glad to have you! I'm looking forward to hearing what your learnings (and recipes) are from your rich and varied experiences.

Welcome again!

Posted by barrett on August 20, 2004 at 12:14 AM
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