May 11, 2004
News Flash: Is My Blog Burning #4

Photo stolen from Pim

This is just a quick reminder for those who are interested in participating in the next Is My Blog Burning? event, hosted by Pim. This time around, the title is "Around the World in a Bowl of Rice" and participants are asked to post an entry on 23 May 2004 about a rice dish they have prepared. As always, you don't need to have prepared the dish on the exact date, but the post should be on the 23rd. No advance registration is necessary; just leave a comment with a link to your site to Pim's site on the day to let her know you have added an entry.

For those of you who are new to the concept, you can see the results of the previous three events here:

IMBB? #1: Soup / IMBB? #2: Tartines / IMBB? #3: Cake walk

This event was originally conceived and brought to the light of day by Alberto of Il Forno and we owe him our thanks for such an amusing slant on the food blog!

One last note: if there are any readers out there who would like to participate but have not yet taken the plunge and begun publishing on line, we would be happy to post guest entries. We at Too Many Chefs do not discriminate based on colour, creed, sexual orientation or blogging status! ;)

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